GeniPaper Overview

GeniPaper specializes in the design, construction, management, and investment in film production sound stages and VR studios. These facilities serve as comprehensive media hubs, offering end-to-end services for content creators.

Core Services

  1. Sound Stages and VR Studios
    • Design and Build: Developing state-of-the-art production environments tailored for film and VR content creation.
    • Management: Ensuring seamless operation and maintenance of these facilities.
    • Investment: Financial backing to expand production capabilities and enhance facility features.
  2. Media Hub Services
    • Full-Service Facilities: Providing all necessary resources for content creation from pre-production to post-production within a single location.
    • High-Quality Content Creation: Empowering creators to produce top-tier original content with our advanced infrastructure.
  3. Blockchain Smart Contract Databank Auction Exchange Platform:
    • Secure Content Auctioning: Facilitates secure auctions for content licensing, ensuring transparency and reliability.
    • Instant Payment Commitments and Pledges: Enables immediate financial transactions and pledges, enhancing trust and efficiency.
    • Cost-Efficient Streaming: Allows creators to stream content directly to consumers, minimizing costs and maximizing revenue distribution.
    • Smart Contract Settlements: Utilizes blockchain technology to manage and execute payments instantly, ensuring fair compensation for all stakeholders.
    • IP Management and Tracking: Provides continuous management and tracking of intellectual property through smart contracts, safeguarding creator rights and royalties.

Benefits to Creators

Efficiency and Security

Streamlined processes for licensing and payment, reducing time and administrative burdens.


Blockchain technology ensures transparent transactions and IP management.

Comprehensive Support

From production facilities to distribution and revenue management, creators have access to an all-encompassing support system.

Innovative Technology

Leveraging the latest in VR and blockchain to stay ahead in a competitive industry.

GeniPaper's integration of advanced technology and comprehensive service offerings positions it as a leader in the media production industry, catering to the evolving needs of content creators in a digital age.